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Web Design Vision at a glance

I started this site to accomplish a goal, to present my abilities to Findlay and the world as more than just a hobby and to expand the marketing opportunities for the local businesses here in Findlay and Northwest Ohio. As a web developer who was born and raised in the Hancock County area, I have seen the trending of internet marketing and website design here and have decided to take an active stance on using my experience in this industry to provide local businesses an affordable and efficient marketing strategy for them.

Web Site Design for Less

An observation made over several years would lead one to notice a discouraging trend. The local companies have kept their prices high while offering less to the clients. They've taken advantage of the limited competition in their industry by exploiting the needs of the client. They have begun using templates and Wordpress to create websites that they can pump out in a matter of hours at the expense of the client. I've seen so many companies monopolize this practice and I strongly disagree with it. Every site I create is unique and coded from scratch. I don't believe in selling a templated, cookie cutter website to anyone who is looking for their own fingerprint on the internet. Every business is different and should be treated as such.

Looking Back and Moving Forward

I have spent the last 16 years of my life developing websites for businesses, attorneys, doctors and everyone in between; so I finally decided to take the time to show the world how my art and vision has influenced the internet. It should be a basic right and an affordable one for any business to have a visually stunning representation of their business online and I am a firm believer in making that opportunity available to them. I stand by my work and by my clients. I am always open to discuss the needs of any business on their online marketing opportunities.

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